Fantastic service; Great location

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on October 13, 2009

We stayed at the Taj in Boston for a week in October and absolutely loved it. If you are staying at the Taj for more than a few days, the food and drinks that accompany the Club level upgrade are completely worthwhile. The service at every level of the hotel was outstanding. The people at the front desk were always friendly and helpful, the concierge gave outstanding dinner recommendations (whether we wanted pizza and beer or fresh seafood) and everyone in the Club room staff was really nice to us. Since we stayed for a week, we had a chance to use a lot of the hotel's services, and everyone with whom we interacted was very helpful. The bed was very comfortable. The bathroom was small, but it was well-appointed. The tub was very deep, so you could float in a nice hot bath. Everything was clean and housekeeping was thorough. I also liked the fact that they hadn't nailed the windows shut. We ordered late night room service and it was fine. You are going to pay for room service, 24 hour room service is becoming increasingly difficult to find. A very minor quibble (and it is hardly worth mentioning, but I'm just trying to be complete in my evaluation) is that the mini-bar was kind of lo-fi. I expect a 5-star hotel to have 5-star liquor and snacks, and the bar was stocked with items I could get at Walgreens or Woodmans. Not a big deal, and a 3.75 Sam Adams is not a bad deal when you are thirsty after bar time. Overall, we would recommend this to anyone considering the Taj, and I hope you have the same experience that we did!
Taj Boston
15 Arlington Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116

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