Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on December 9, 2009

I stayed there 2 nights with a friend, the experience was awful! The room came with space heaters and was always freezing! We complained to the hotel, they just gave us 2 crappy blankets and another space heater, which was half broken! The hairdryer didn't work, when I tried to plug it in again, it sent out sparks. The repair man came and put in a new hairdryer, when I used it, the whole power went out in the room! Everything was plugged into an extension cord, which was plugged into another extension cord, which was very unsafe! We were afraid to sleep through the night with the space heaters on for it could cause a fire, so we froze every night and ended up not sleeping well! I would recommend staying someplace else for a little more money! I definitely do NOT recommend this place, I have been using Travelodge for many years, and this has been by far the worst travelodge hotel I have every stayed at!
Travelodge San Francisco Central
1707 Market St.
San Francisco, California, 94103
(415) 621-6775

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