Great Hotel

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from on October 15, 2010

The Shangri-La is a wonderful hotel, very upscale with a lot packed into what at first looks like a very tight space. The rooms are well laid out with lots of electronics and automatic lighting and curtain control. Actually probably a bit too much as you have to figure out how to "turn" the room on with you key so to speak. Nontheless, very comfortable with great beds and more blankets and comforters than you can use. They do have some good food and drink in the room, but with a bottle of water at * dollars, you can run up a big room tab quickly - though they do provide some good free snacks, fruit and water in the room when you that's a nice touch. The work-out club is very nice, clean with new equipment and laid back lighting and sound. That said, this is not an inexpensive hotel in any way. Just to park your car is */day, but from what I can see, most of the cars are exotic sports cars, so they certainly don't care too much. The service from check-in to check-out is professional and well done.While the restaurants and bars in the hotel are quite good, with unusual menu of an asian flare, it all is very expensive...and perhaps as good, if not better, just around any corner in this very nice part of town. So enjoy the hotel, get a chance to to eat and shop at other, more interesting and less expensive restaurants and shops, and the Shangra-La will turn out to be a great place to stay in Vancouver
Shangri-La Hotel
1128 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

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