reservations is not good

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on March 26, 2009

I reserved a room through your website and selected the pay in full option and used my debit card. I called them twice once in January when I reserved the room, and once a month later. and the last time I asked them to make sure that the bill was paid in full because I recieved a confirmation email from the website saying it was paid in full. I have the email from that even still were I had the rep. send me an email stating just that. I also recieved 2 more confimation emails from your website said that I paid in full and I can not get a refund for the room and I still have those. I have 4 emails stating that i paid my account in full. Well we were satisfied that our room was reserved and paid for because we even recieved an email the day before we left. So we left for mexico and arrived there on the 8th of march 2009 and went to check in and they told me the room has not been paid for. well i then got on the laptop and pulled up the emails the guy at the counter didnt understand why you would send me an email when the debit declined since they waitied to charge it untill a cpl weeks before my stay and i had my card stolen like 3 weeks before my stay and switched my card. we all withdrew all but our spending money on our accounts before we left for safety concerns. Well they gave us a room for the night for our problems so we could talk to the manager. When we talked to the manager she said someone should have called me either from reservations or from the hotel saying
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