Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on September 5, 2007

This hotel is DEFINITELY NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. My family and I were so excited to stay at this hotel last week, only to live a nightmare visit. I made reservations a couple of weeks in advance for a long weekend for our family which includes 3 girls, two of which were 9 and 7 years old. I called the day of our scheduled stay (around 4pm) because I knew we would be coming in late (9pm) and wanted to ensure that we would have our room and to make sure the room arrangements were for proper amount of beds etc. The front desk worker,who answered assured me we would be fine. We drove and made it at the sched time. When we arrived they informed us they had no rooms available for us. According to them, some of their visitors extended their stay. They said they would be able to make room for us the next night, but if you have ever traveled w/kids you obviously do not want to be moving rooms all weekend and we already were having to find another place. Every other hotel we previously considered staying at was now full. They offered some rooms across town, and offered to pay for the one night and discount (Not COMP) our second night by half. When pressed about the reason they gave our room away, they stated some visitors has extended their stay. We asked why even have a reservation system if it doesn?t guarantee a room and what it came down to was that my rate ($* discounted rate) was not as valuable to them as a $*/night rate they charged the people staying in our room. I am a frequent traveler but have not stayed at Sheraton in over 10 years. Guess what? With this reservation system and pitiful treatment, I will never give them anymore business either. Long story short, the manager on nights was rude, offering the bare minimum and because we confronted them they did not want us there at all. Our kids were crying, and they did not understand why we made reservations, yet couldn?t stay there?. It was sad and unbelievable and then a smack in our face to offer to only discount our room on the second night, for all that trouble. The hotel we took with the only room across town was a no frills Staybridge Suite, which was the absolute joy of our trip. They were absolute angels to us, the rooms were more like a condo, and the staff went out of their way to accommodate. If you are looking to stay in the Chattanooga area and have kids, DO NOT STAY AT REED HOUSE BY SHERATON. Another family had a horrible experience at Chattanooga Choo Choo as well. We stayed at Staybridge, they did too and our children went home happy. As for Sheraton reservations, I have had many occasions where I have wanted to extend my stay with many hotels over the yearsd and of they are full, it is always the same story? ?sorry other people are checking in tonight, and we don?t have a room.? And you know what? I understand, because I would never want to put a family out of their room they reserved and ruin their vacation plans the way this hotel did. PERIOD.
Sheraton Read House Hotel
Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37402

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