Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 26, 2009

I just stayed at the Dolce Villa April 25th, 2009. It was one of my best experiences and I was beyond impressed with the 2-bedroom suite I rented. The hotel is located in a commercial shopping "square" so it is very well hidden from street view and parking is an adventure. If the owners of the hotel had any sense they would MAKE SURE they offer clear and concise directions. It's absolutely stupid that they don't have directions put right on the front page from I-95. Also they should automatically park your car for you instead of forcing you to go though the adventure of trying to find parking. Other than that again I was beyond impressed with the quality of the suite. This will be the only hotel I stay at in Providence...It's perfect. I live in Boston. It's also conveniently located off of I-95.
Dolce Villa
63 DePasquale Plaza
Providence, Rhode Island, 02903

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