This can not be a true Sheraton Hotel

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on March 10, 2009

I am a starwood guest member and try to stay at Sheratons all the time. I love the comfort and quality of most Starwood Hotels. My family stayed there about a year ago. I have always been very pleased with every Sheraton and that is why I usually try to choose Sheraton when traveling for both pleasure and business. I have been totally happy and then I stayed at this one. Wow I just couldn't believe it! It needed serious renovations and smelled of heavy perfume. Everything that should be quality from the rooms, beds, towels, soaps, was all cheapened. We are getting ready to go back to Columbia in a few weeks and while searching I came across this hotel and was reminded of my horrific stay and had to write a review because I think it is important that people know what they are getting before spending their money on what they feel is a Sheraton Hotel. If you are looking for the class, quality and comfort that most Sheratons offer do not stay at this hotel. This CAN NOT be a true Sheraton hotel!!! Some where along the way it must have changed ownership because they took the quality of a true Sheraton and totally cheapened and ruined this hotel. Of course the cost remains the same. I highly recommend not staying in this hotel.
Sheraton Columbia Hotel
10207 Wincopin Circle
Columbia, Maryland, 21044
(877) 207-9358

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