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Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on January 5, 2009

I booked 2 rooms for 7 people for a quick trip to Chicago with some family for New Year's Eve. Arrived at 6 PM and was told all water (toilet, shower, sink) is shut off until 8 PM. Went to the rooms and found that most lights didn't work and water didn't work. Went down and asked front desk to please fix non-working lights and to give me couple of extra blankets. She said she would come by in a few minutes. Waited about 45 minutes and called the front desk, she said she'd come by in a few minutes. Went down personally again after waiting 2.5 more hours and she said she'd come by in a few minutes. Also asked about the water this time and was told they don't know when it will be back and they cannot give refunds for lack of water. Had to drive to a McDonald's multiple times to use the restroom. Water finally came back around midnight, it was gone for SIX HOURS! After a few more hours, finally called front desk again at midnight and it was a different guy, he sent somebody with 2 razor thin sheets instead of blankets but still did nothing about the lights! We were planning to stay up for a while but the rooms were half dark. Around midnight we also started hearing yelling, screaming, and people running around in the hallway. We were seriously concerned for our safety because we weren't sure if somebody was running around . This continued until well past 3 AM and we couldn't sleep because of this. Besides the lights & water, the rooms were clean/acceptable, and breakfast was pretty good.
Quality Inn O Hare Airport
Schiller Park, 60176

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