No Need to Go to Disney

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on November 7, 2008

I thought most negative reviews were written by travelers who had a grudge of some kind so let me start by saying this is a conveniently located (close to museums and monuments) and beautiful old hotel. We payed $$ euro extra a night for one of the best views in Paris but.... The toilet seat was broken (detached at the hinge) so you thought you would slide on the floor every time you sat down. We gave up after three requests for repair. The room service was prompt but the food was terrible (tasted like it was a frozen dinner). The spa was a few tred machines in a room with a pile of towels and water cooler. And the topper was being awakened by a rodent crawling over me in bed! The management was polite and offered to change the room but where there is one there were probably many more. "It's Paris!" I was told but I never had that happen to me before and I am sure they have access to those electronic devices that keep rodents and insects away.If you were paying $$$ a night you might put up with this but with a rate listed at $$$ a night (even $$$) I would definitely expect a lot more.
Westin Paris
3 Rue De Castiglione
Paris, France, 75001
+33 (1) 44771111

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