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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on October 12, 2008

When we were driving out to Rondel Village we passed the "Grand Paladium." 2000 room exclusive resort created for xenophobes afraid of Jamaica's own culture. Why the hell would anyone want to stay there? Well, I don't know. Money has it's reasons, I suppose. Deeper into Negril, on Norman Manley Blvd you will find many small quaint non-corporate housing options, with real Jamaican staff. Imagine spending your money helping give the people whose land you are stealing a leg up! Seems reasonable. Rondel was awesome. A polite staff, clean rooms, reasonable prices...and the buildings were just beautiful. Surrounded by native flora. The beach was divine. Rondel has twenty some units, so you aren't someone in Building 30 room 320. You'll feel it in the way of personalized service. They hosted a wedding while we were there, which was on the beach. Irie on the Beach (the restaurant) excellent food. If you want a little more of the real culture of Jamaica...this is your spot.
Rondel Village
Norman Manley Blvd
Negril, Jamaica


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