Never Again!!!!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on October 4, 2008

I don?t even know where to begin my nightmare stay at this hotel. The place reeks of mildew! My initial room was tiny, approx 10 x 10 foot, the queen size bed advertized turned out to be a full size bed, the drapes looked to have been up since the late 50?s, were falling apart and wouldn?t fully close, the carpet was filthy, the beds are built up on a makeshift 2x6 frame and all work done in these units appears to have been done by inexperienced non skilled laborers. The bathroom sink was a makeshift affair with exposed pipes, made of plywood and tile, a 2x4 holding one side up about 3? higher than the other. This room honestly would have been over priced at $*, let alone $* with taxes. After 35 years of living in hotels as a professional touring musician, this is the second worse hotel I?ve run across in my life. The clerk checked my room and claimed it didn?t smell then showed me another room, and promptly closed the door saying it was just as bad(Huh? I thought my room didn?t smell), room #3 was just as bad as well. Finally he found us a remodeled room that didn?t smell so much. I reluctantly agreed to stay there as I didn?t know where else to go, all rooms I had walked to nearby where booked. The room was better but still about a $* night room. The walls were paper-thin and the bathroom reeked of bleach.
Bay Front Inn Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California, 95060

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