Never stay here!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 25, 2008

My experience at this hotel was one of the worst I've ever had. While my boyfriend and I were out sight seeing, the hotel maid service came to our room to tidy up. Upon our return my boyfriend noticed his suitcase has been gone through and his money was missing which was in an envelope placed in a book that was inside a closed bag. We talked to the manager on duty, X, who was very helpful and apologetic and we filed a police report. We were then directed to the gm who was completely rude and very uncaring. He told my boyfriend it was HIS fault the money had been stolen and that he was not going to refund a single cent of his money. On top of this, the power had gone out in the entire city and we were without power in our room for 24 hours! While I understand this was not the hotel's fault, they did nothing to accommodate their guests during this unfortunate episode. Nothing was explained to us about the power outage or when the power would be back. We had to sleep in a room with no air conditioning in the middle of August and the next morning we took ice cold showers. I felt like I was camping! Also, the website expressed there was a free continental breakfast and turn down service which we never received. This was not a relaxing vacation and only caused more hassle for us upon our return home. Do not stay here unless you don't mind the staff violating your personal space and belongs and then blaming you when they steal your personal items.
The River Street Inn
Savannah, Georgia, 31401

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