3 times and going back for more!!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on July 4, 2008

So this was our 3rd time of going to this resort. My friends and I have been making the Puerto Vallarta trip for many many years and one year we decided to try out a little bit cheaper hotel and stay a few more days! Since we stayed here we have not been anywhere else. The bus to downtown stops right outside the hotel, the staff are amazing, drinks are flowing, food is very good as far as Mexican resorts go and the resort itself is very very good for the price.. Best of all if you take your laptop they have an internet connection waiting for you for free... Not that you really want to take your laptop but if your like me where you don't have a choice this is a blessing as you don't need to find an internet cafe. Stay here and you will have a great time!
Embarcadero Pacifico Hotel and Villas
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 48354


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