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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on June 19, 2008

Riu Taino is not a bad place to stay, but here's a few tips before u go.Beware of the rocks in the water. I had no clue how many rocks are there and i hurt my knee very badly, later i saw ppl with the same scratches on their body from the rocks. Walk a little up or down the beach - you'd be able to enjoy swimming without trauma. Learn to get up early!! if u want to reserve a nice place next to pool or beach get up before 7am. not very convinient when u on vacation. There are not enough shades, so ppl always looking how to find a better place to sit. Before booking and planning your vacation make sure your chosen time is not during rain season. you'll not enjoy staying their during rainy days - absolutely nothing to do, except watching tv and dining. shows are boring, and music just terrible - everyday there was the same records over and over again, very annoing. Make sure to take enough of sunscreen and after-sun lotion. My husband and i got terrible sunburn despite sunscreen, had to go to a local shop and buy after sun lotion for like $ a small bottle. little overpriced. If u stilll decide to go here, make sure to learn some spanish, because only a few staff members know english good enough to communicate. be sure to put your stuff in safe box. we found our room invaded by somebody couple times, and once we discover a bottle of pepci broken into small pieces of glass in our suitecase - it was just awful!! i had no clue who could that be. next time we found the door wide open and nobody was there.
RIU Taino - All Inclusive
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