Not a 5 star hotel

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on June 28, 2008

This is NOT the experience you would expect from what is supposed to be a grand hotel. Decorating is laughable. We had two non matching (diff style, diff color) pull out bed sofas... next to each other along the same wall as our bed (Really!). Ironing board was perched against wall opposite the two sofas along with two little 8x10 pictures. Sound 5 star to you? We stayed in the Publisher's Suite! The bed was horrid. Two huge depressions, made it impossible to get comfortable. The TV faced the bed... and was about 6 feet in the air and doesn't tilt downward. Stained industrial looking carpet, No AC, No Fans, No screens, No protection from falling out of windows that would open from almost the floor to 6 feet fully opened. All night... sirens, ppl partying, cars honking... Sheets were stained, yuck, asked for new... they came up and remade bed with the old sheets. Dining areas are in basement with low ceilings white leather, not edgy, but very clich?d "modern" look. If you are looking for something memorable, romantic or chic... this isn't the place. We couldn't stand it and left before our reservation ended! The high point is that the staff was very pleasant!
The Scotsman Hotel
Edinburgh, Scotland
44 131 556 5565

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