Rocky start. Smooth finish.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 24, 2008

We are repeat customers to the Sandman Inn and know how things are supposed to go. This time we hit some bumps in the road. Ready to eat; our taste-buds were all ready. The microwave didn't work and we wasted good food. There was an awful stench coming up from the bathroom sink. I called the front-desk immediately and was told that they would swap-out the microwave and pour bleach down the drain to get rid of the raw-sewage smell. We were very unhappy about this decision. I called back the front-desk to see if we could have another room. The response I received was off-putting. My nose is NOT to blame! I'm NOT being too overly sensitive! The Inn is full so there is nothing to do but swap & pour. Unable to even take a shower; I continued to plead my case. A few minutes later, we were granted a new room. Great - right? My sister went to hang up a towel in our new room and the rack fell off the wall and hit her on the foot. The caretaker who originally came to pour bleach down our sink, returned with new hardware. The next morning, my sister shrieked loudly because there was a spider crawling out of her bed-sheets. The bugs are everywhere. We enjoyed the rest of our stay. The pool & jacuzzi were excellent vacation therapy as was the healthy continental breakfast! We will most likely return to the Sandman Inn the next time we are in beautful Santa Barbara!
The Sandman Inn
Santa Barbara, California, 93105

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