Very good value, great location

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 7, 2008

Hard to find a better value adjacent to the wangfujing shopping area, and Tian'anmen/ Forbidden City in a reasonable walk. Directly across from the Penninsula Hotel. Great views of the city, particularly from the Club on the top floor.The hotel is a bit dated, but quite servicable. Staff tries hard to please. Room is comparable with most urban hotels in Europe or US. But the bed is quite hard, China-style. Agree with the prior reviewer, do get the breakfast buffet included, best coffee in China, and very large selection including fresh fruit and omlettes. The restaurants for other meals are very reasonable, good, not great food and service. After 6pm the wangfujing sidewalk "enterpreneurs" are quite numerous and persistant, hawking anything or service you can imagine(and more); but police are plentiful. Very nice mini mall at the Pennisula Hotel, and a major new mall just 2 blocks west which will give you a peek at the new China..
Novotel Peace Beijing
Beijing, China

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