Great place to stay, close to everything, family friendly!!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 25, 2008

I've been to alot of Holiday Inn Express's and I have'nt been disappointed by any one of them. Of course none of them were perfect. The only 2 cons about this place was their small, cramped breakfast area and tight parking. Management said it was ok to park in the handicap spots, they won't tow it away. That's what we did. Free breakfast- that's what happens when the hotel offers it and everyone is in a mad rush to get free food. It was no problem for us because we took the food back to our room and ate there. The food was ok, they served eggs, bacon, french toast, bread, milk, cereal, juice, etc. The basic stuff enough to carry you and your family over to lunch. It's just as good as if you were to go next door and buy breakfast at Carrows. The accomodations were a smash with the kids. We stayed in their family suite. It was spacious, with sections- one side w/2 queen beds, tv, and other side was the dining table, kitchen and living room. The staff was friendly and when our fireplace went out, they immediately came over and repaired it. The fireplace was cool too because you can see it on both sides of the rooms. Speaking of being generally close to everything- Heavenly Gondola & Village, Raley's, Applebee's all 1 block away. Hillarious moment was when we were searching for a sushi restaurant to eat at for dinner. Punched in address using Navi system in CRV, loaded family in car. On map it seemed was a long distance from hotel, drove-off and there it was across the street. Haha. I'm telling you guys, everything is super close by!! Go here, your kids would love it!!
Holiday Inn Express - South Lake Tahoe
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150

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