Okay place but I would not go back

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on December 1, 2007

The staff is nice and the place is close to the beach, well maintained and clean, but I found several things that I disliked: a) On arrival they charged our credit card for the eight days we were staying. It felt like we were kept prisoners and could not change our minds if we did not like the place. I suppose if they do not charge the credit card most people would consider going somewhere else. b) The room where breakfast is served looks nice in the web sites but the reality is different. It is dark, not too clean and does not feel cozy. There are tables on a second floor which are somewhat better but the service to these tables is mediocre at best. c) There are lots of additional charges: there is a tax on the breakfast bill that you only find out you have to pay on the last day, it is not included in the receipt you sign at breakfast each day. The chairs that you can take to the beach are $3 each and whenever you call a taxi you pay a tourist fee which is much higher than what the meter shows. So all additional expenses added together make this place as expensive as one of the good hotels closer to town and to the good beaches and restaurants. d) You are not really on Condado beach which is the nice beach. You are on a beach that is mostly used by surfers and where very few people go swimming. e) The pool is small and receives little sun because there are several buildings that surround the house and keep the pool in the shade. My suggestion is that you stay here only if you have a car and you want to surf.
At Wind Chimes Inn
1750 Calle McLeary
San Juan, Puerto Rico
1(800) 946-3244


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