Excellent hotel, but know what to ask for

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on November 30, 2007

My wife and I got engaged in Paris 5 years ago and we returned over Thanksgiving weekend for the anniversary. Five years ago, the Westin Paris was the Intercontinental, and we stayed there then. Some rooms have been refurbished, but much of this beautiful historic hotel remains as it was...and that's a good thing. We were even greeted by the same concierge staff. I called ahead to tell the hotel that we were travelling with an infant and were hoping to get a room early--we were arriving at 8AM. They couldn't promise us anything, but they made a note in our reservation about it. When we arrived, a room was, in fact, waiting for us. I also called ahead to book a car and driver to pick us up from the airport--highly recommended by the concierge, since they were experiencing a transit strike at the time. Everything was there for us, exactly as promised. This is not an inexpensive hotel. The price for room service, especially with the weak American dollar, was outrageous, so we didn't eat there. But the location of the hotel offered many excellent food choices within easy walking distance. We've found that the best hotel experiences come when you do a little research on your own so that you have good questions to ask the staff. For example, if you want help with a restaurant choice, what kind of cuisine? What price? The staff at this hotel is willing to help in any way they can. Calling the hotel or sending an e-mail before you make your trip already familiarizes them with your special needs (and your last name) so that when you arrive, you're less of a stranger than the other people in checking in. A good advantage to have.
Westin Paris
3 Rue De Castiglione
Paris, France, 75001
+33 (1) 44771111


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