Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 10, 2007

I decided to take two days off work for a long weekend trip with my family. We arrived at the Days inn at approx midnight on Friday the 15th June 2007. I went right to sleep in one bed and my wife and child was in the other bed playing. They finally got to sleep at approx 2am. My wife shouted over to me at approx 3 am and said get out of bed and check your sheets. I did and turned on the light. I could not beleive what i saw....the bed was infested with bed bugs. I immediately looked at my daughter and she had them on her body. It was horrifying. We showered and scrubbed for a long time. I took some bed bugs as evidence in a sealed jar and took many pictures of the bugs and the blood on the sheets they cause when they suck your blood. I also took pictures of the bites on my wife and me and video of the room and the bugs. We isolated all our clothes that was in the room in sealed bags. My child was very scared and we were all stressed. We left the room right away and complained to the manager, they refunded our money after approx 3 hours. We are worried at bringing some home and infesting our home. We immediately washed all our clothes in hot water and tumble dried on hot as this was recommended by experts in this field, which damaged our clothes. The weekend was ruined and we are all traumatized. I was promised compensation and have never received anything. I have spoken to health Inspectors and Attorneys. BEWARE
Days Inn Lake Tahoe- Ski Resort/Golf Area
3530 HIGHWAY 50
South Lake Tahoe, California, 96150

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