Ruined my honeymoon, wish I had stayed elsewhere

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on August 25, 2011

1. My reservation was screwed up. I had initially made the reservations for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday but then later on, I had canceled my reservation for Monday and added Thursday instead. However when I was at the front desk, it turned out that the changes which I had made had not appeared in their system. Eventually they were able to accommodate us but we spent several nervous hours throughout the entire stay wondering whether we would be kicked out of our room for Thursday night or not . 2. I had mentioned during my reservations that I was making it for my honeymoon. Let alone a welcome basket in our room, there wasn't even the slightest acknowledgment of it by the front desk receptionist. 3. The biggest inconvenience (and something that ruined our trip) was a non-functioning internet. All our trip plans were in documents that were online and we could not access them when we wanted to decide what restaurants to go to and what attractions to see. It turned out that the router for our room was in the room directly below us and when we reported at 1 a.m. that the internet in our room was not working, there was nothing that the staff could do to help us out. Having the router located in a guest room seems like an awfully stupid design to me. 4. The sheets were in bad shape and was torn in one place near the headboard. 5. Parts of the room were not clean. The night lamp next to my side of the bed had a stain that seemed like a blood stain. Likewise the balcony had large red stains which also seemed like blood stains. 6. Last but not the least, the balcony railing & chairs were flimsy.
Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23451

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