What I expected

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on July 12, 2009

First impressions were excellent with a very nice entrance & lobby as well as fantastic front desk staff. My spanish is shaky at best and I was at the mercy of the english ability of the staff and not once was I disappointed, with courteous and professional treatment my entire 8 day stay with the concierge personally negotiating taxi rates and making sure the drivers knew the location I was heading well. The restaurant had a well laid out breakfast/lunch buffet that was reasonably priced, and once again the staff was top notch. Beware the price of alcohol at the restaurant bar though, 2 rye and gingers ran me a little more than I was expecting. The fitness facility was decent if a little underwhelming, though the pool was about as private as could be expected from an outdoor pool in the middle of a huge Mexican city. Guadalajara's elevation will test your cardiovascular fitness, so be prepared! The rooms weren't as nice as you would expect from your initial impression of the lobby, but they're still quite nice and comfortable...the beds are a little hard, but I didn't find myself losing any sleep over it. Overall, a very pleasant stay, and though I'd like to try out some of the other 4+ star locations in the city, due to how well the staff treated me, including their english speaking ability, I will very likely call the Presidente my home away from home next time visit GDL in a few months.
Presidente InterContinental Guadalajara
Guadalajara, Mexico, 45050


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