Complete Rip-Off!

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on July 20, 2009

This hotel is located directly on the beach, and has a very nice restaurant located on site. But the praise stops there! The inside of the hotel is not as nice as the location. And the front desk staff is even worse! We booked a large studio with kitchenette for my friends bachelorette party. There was four of us going, and we wanted a large room for the event. When we checked in, got our room key, and waited 20 mins for the 1920's elevator to finally open, we saw they gave us a single room with one small bed in it! The ladys response at the front desk was well our computer said you booked a small room, i dont know what to do for you, were really busy down here. And hung up on me! So all four of us lugged our belongings back down to the lobby and waited for someone to assist us. Finally after the lady had to call the online travel website to verify the room I booked she tried to help us. They didn't have the rooms I booked available, but she put us in a room that was a little bigger than the first. Didn't offer any compenstation, apologies, or anything! I paid for the best room they have available and they put me in the second to worst for the same price!!?? We ended up having to get two rollaway cots put into the room because again, it only had one bed! This place was a nightmare, and just the rudeness of the staff makes me and my friends never want to stay here again!
Celebrity Resorts Brigantine Beach
1400 Ocean Avenue
Brigantine, New Jersey, 08203

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