Car Damaged in Garage: Management Indifferent

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on September 4, 2009

I wanted to like this place, and did until my car was damaged in their parking structure, and they responded indifferently to this incident. Parked in the parking garage 8.19.09, 12 hours later, there?s this whitish liquid on the back and side of my car. It wouldn?t come off. Either vandalism or something dripped from a crack in the ceiling above my car. Security took a report, said I?d be contacted within 72 hours. I wasn?t. Called back, got a lot of, ?that?s not my department.? Left NUMEROUS phone messages with various staff. One guy tells me security footage is retained for one year, another guy doubts this. Great, nobody knows their job. Just my kind of place. Two weeks later a manager calls. Says that their investigation found nothing unusual on the tape, and that the casino is not liable. I asked if I could review the tape. He said I?d have to talk to his boss. His boss tells me that my car wasn?t even observed on any of their security cameras during this period. So which is it? First guy tells me it was observed, no damage, second guy tells me it wasn?t even observed. Fishy. I ask if a camera is normally positioned on the area where my car was parked, as it is in a prominent, highly visible area. He replies, direct quote, ?that?s none of your business.? I ask a few more times, he grows impatient, and hangs up on me. If you asked this guy if air exists, he?d hang up on you, that?s how helpful he was. So here I am, one manager said my car was seen on tape, and nothing unusual was observed, his boss tells me my car wasn?t even observed, and that the issue is none of my
Terribles Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109

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