Worst Stay Ever!!!!!!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on December 24, 2010

We frequent the RIU's often and this was the WORST stay ever! Normally the RIU creates a vacation friendly environment that is sanitary, nice, and the staff is hospitable; this was not the case at this supposedly "premiere property." When we walked in our room we were greeted by the most unpleasant odor that smacked us right in the face, not to mention after taking a few steps we spotted a gigantic bug on the wall. When we contacted the front desk they sent the maid to kill the bug but made no other accomodations, UGHHHHHHH! We finally decided to get some rest after a long flight and day, to be bitten by bed bugs all night, UGHHHHHHHH! Another complaint was filed and nothing hospitable was done by the hotel manager, no accomodations whatsoever! At the main buffet we were greeted by bugs on our table at two different meal sittings; one on the table cloth and the other inside of our drink. This vacation at the RIU was very dissapointing and has encouraged my family to stay at other hotel chains on vacation. The RIU was not willing to make any necessary accomodations for my party for the nastiness and unsanitary conditions of their property and the ruining of our vacation and because of this, we encourage everone to stay SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!
Riu Tropical Bay
Negril, Jamaica


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