Great Service , but hotel is feeling its years

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on June 4, 2011

Started out sleeping on blow up bed that deflated overnight, hotel staff moved us from a Garden room to full ocean view in the La Bris section that smelled and had A/C issues, moved to another room just above and the safe broke just when i needed my belongings...With all that said the staff honored my request of 2 nights off my bill and provided me with 2 nights at another Hilton at a later date So great customer focus...only I had to complain to get any of it.. So my tips for staying at this hotel..Rent a car from Enterprise and you can park in the onsite enterprise lot for FREE and say 20 bucks a night. Stay in a property on top of the hill unless you don't mind waiting for the tram up and down the hill. Food is expensive but so are the local surrounding resturants. La Echon just outside the gate is great food but don't go looking for white table cloths (old gas station), Pasion (white table cloth)was ok not great and not worth the trouble or the expense. The morning buffet was comp'ed but was terrible, the resturant by the casino is the best for breakfast or Starbucks..The Kayak to the bio bay the best just go down the hill and out the gate to left by the diving shop, walk about 300 yards will save u about 20 pp over the hotel booking it. The island horseback riding was fun as was the rainforest walking trail. Other than that not much in PR for me to return for. Easy drive from airport over the shuttle service so rent a car if you want to explore. Rainforest guide recommended Richies cafe but stay away food higher than el con resturants and poor at best. Nice but just not a Great experience for me. I still can't believe people pay for the water park it should be free and is half price after 1pm
Waldorf El Conquistador Resort and Golden Door Spa
1000 El Conquistador Avenue
Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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