Beauty comes with a price

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on May 25, 2011

The resort was beautiful, the staff was the friendliest I've ever encountered. They truly make you feel like you are a king. That being said here are some tips to help your trip go smooth. 1. Take ALOT of money with you. Luckily we did, but it would be very easy to not take enough. If you think you have enough add another thousand to it just in case. Lunch for two will cost you fifty bucks at the resort, Dinner at the nicer restaraunts will cost you over a hundred. If you are a drinker, how about twelve dollars for a mojito. 2. When you first get there and check in they will charge your debit card seven hundred and fifty dollars for room credit and you will use your guest card as your credit card. Some places in the resort still accept cash or credit, just ask when you pay if you don't want to use your room credit. If you use a credit card they will put a hold on seven hundred and fifty, debit is actually charged so make sure the money is there. 3. Alot of reviews say to rent a car from enterprise and park in there lot, its free when you do that. Here's the deal with that. There is an enterprise rent a car in the lobby of the resort, if you rent a car from there its free to park, if you rent a car from the enterprise at the airport its not free to park. Also the enterprise at the hotel is more expensive to rent a car than at other locations. So I did the math and its actually more expensive to rent a car at the resort and park for free than it is to rent a car off the resort and pay for parking. My advice is to not rent a car for the your whole stay there, pick a day at the beginning of your trip rent a car for one day, go into town and buy some groceries at the store....lunchmeat....bread....water.... ect. Do all of your off resort traveling in that one day, go to old san juan or whatever else you want to do and stay on the resort the rest of the trip. This way you can eat lunch in your room and avoid the twenty five dollar a person lunches, splurge on dinner th
Waldorf El Conquistador Resort and Golden Door Spa
1000 El Conquistador Avenue
Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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