Good value, nothing special

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 11, 2011

We had a pleasant stay at the Grand Pineapple for a week the end of April. Weather was perfect except for two nights when it rained…or rather down-poured for a while. We stayed in a renovated room on the north wing of the hotel. The room was nice and had great balcony views of the ocean. It was nice but nothing special. From what I heard it was much better than the non-renovated rooms. Even though there was not a lot of foot traffic there was a decent amount of hallway noise especially when families with children would go by. So for those of us who like to sleep in late or hit the hay early it was a little annoying. The all inclusive food at the hotel was mediocre. The choices were slim but you could usually find something ok to eat. I would not recommend the food to those who are super picky, on special diets, or are vegetarian. As usual at a Caribbean all-inclusive the best meals were breakfast and desert. Some nights they have themed dinners or special chefs come in. You need to reserve early for those nights. The service was nice but a bit slow for our taste. The off beach restaurant you need reservations but I don’t think it’s worth it. The Mexican food was actually pretty bad so I would not recommend those nights. The bartenders were pleasant and would whip up pretty much anything you had in mind. The snack bar was a little slow but had regular junk ball park type food to munch on. The BBQ joint up on the hill was great. Some of the best ribs and bbq chicken I’ve had in a while. The beach was quite nice very peaceful and had a decent amount of shaded areas. Be prepared to get up early to stake out your spots if you want prime locations. The beach had some decent snorkel locations as well. There are some small reefs not far off shore. The only downside was the beach peddlers. A few of them were actually very friendly and pretty funny however it got pretty annoying after the 5th time they hassle you to buy something. The pool areas were nice as well but usually
Grand Pineapple Beach Antigua
Long Bay
Antigua, Antigua, 33442

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