Honeymoon preflight stay

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on April 16, 2011

The hotel is setup for long term stay if you are in for business but very comfortable for short stays as well. We stayed 2 nights and left very early morning. The shuttle was setup the night before and they let us keep our vehicle there while we were away so we had transportation to and from the hotel and free parking. We found this room at a very very reasonable price (4 star spot for a 2 star price). We had a little trouble with reservations because they told us there was nothing special we could purchase for our first honeymoon night but then the manager that greeted us reported that is not so. The weekend night manager was great though. He made a big deal and all of the staff treated us exceptionally well. The rooms themselves are sleek and modern. They are a green facility; which we love. They do not sacrifice comfort for their LEED status. The beds were plush and comfortable, the kitchen was decked out, the showers were pleasant, and the sitting area was comfortable and spacious. The pool area was clean and comfortable, the computer workstations were easy to use but did not offer much privacy. The hotel was very clean. They have many different beverages and foods available for purchase. They also have a great breakfast buffet that includes healthy and tasty foods. I recommend for those on business trips, couples, those who are environmentally conscious. I don't know about how it would work with kids but I really see no problems. The only cons are reservations are booked through and offsite call center and if you need anything special be sure to call the hotel directly. Since they are a "green" hotel they do a reduction in power at certain times I believe; once you figure out the controls it's not that big of a deal.
Element Dallas Fort Worth Airport North
3550 Hwy 635
Irving, Texas, 75063


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