Hotel gone wrong

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on May 13, 2011

This hotel may be nice in 6 mths but I don't suggest booking until after November per the hotel manager. This was our experience: I have booked several vacations with Travelocity and this is the first time I've been so mislead. My friends are calling it the "bait and switch". My boyfriend and I had our first vacation in a year. We have custody of his 10yr old son and in a year have only had one weekend together alone. You can only imagine how excited we were about our first dream vacation. We shopped travelocity for 3 weeks trying to get the right flights and decide on a hotel. We narrowed it down to The Radisson, Marriott, and Hyatt. After looking at the gorgeous photos over and over and reading about the Radission and how it just went through over $30 million in renovations (which has since been removed from Travelocity website) I just knew we had to be picking one of the most amazing hotels on the island. We checked in and realized that the entrance wasn't as glamorous or gorgeous as it had been in the photos. It was a temporary entrance. Come to find out they had not been through renovations they were just now going through them. They called it "refreshing" I called it BS. I asked for an upgrade at check in- willing to pay- and she started they didn't have anything available. I said you have almost 400 rooms on a slow week and you can't sell me a better view. She said no and then explained the main lobby and building were closed so there weren't any better rooms to offer. She had an employee named Eli take us and show us several rooms. He kept saying that he knew we weren't going to be happy with any of the rooms since the better rooms were being "refreshed" and apologized each time we walked into a new room. The views weren't even partial ocean view- you had to lean over the balcony and look through the trees to get a glimpse of the ocean. Finally after we walked around for over an hour we decided on a room that had a view of the hotel and roof next door. We ha
Radisson Aruba Resort and Casino
Palm Beach, Florida

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