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My family and I had to travel to PR for a funeral. When I booked the room I asked for an accessible bathroom and was told there were none available for my entire stay. I asked and put the request in writing specifically stating that should such a room become available during my stay that I would like to be transferred. I arrived late on the 27th and we went straight to sleep. The next day was the funeral so we were out all day. When I arrived that night to the room I noticed two ants in the bathroom. Knowing that they are common in Puerto Rican homes, I brushed it off. The following morning, however, I went to brush my daughter's hair and saw that it was crawling with ants. I looked at the wall and saw a line of ants marching up and down the wall. I immediately went to the front desk and told them and they offered to switch me to another room right next door. The staff member allowed me to inspect the room prior to us moving our stuff, which I did. You can imagine my disgust when I found that the room was one with an accessible bathroom. The very same room I was told would not be available for me for our entire stay. Not only was it available, but now it was being offered to someone who, for all intents and purposes, the staff had no idea NEEDED the room. We moved our stuff after I checked the bathroom and found no pests. The next morning, however, I attempted to put my mother in her wheelchair and found a swarm of ants crawling all over it. I called for maintenance to come take care of it and they took the wheelchair, leaving me no option but to seat my mother on the toilet for close to 30 minutes as it was the only chair in the room with bars for her to hold herself up on. When the man finally brought the chair back is was drenched in pesticide that was made for flying insects (which ants are not) and there were still live ants crawling all over it. He took the chair away again and when he returned it was so soaked in pesticide that I couldn't even strap the seatb
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