Just okay

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on March 16, 2011

I recently stayed at this hotel because of the low rates that it was offering and I wanted to make people aware of some of the good and bad things about this hotel. First the good, the staff was cheerful whenever I came and went from the hotel. The person at the front desk would wish me a good day when I left and welcome me back at night. The other good thing about this hotel is that it is inexpensive compared to some of the nicer hotels located closer to union square. Unfortunately there were lots of negative aspects to this hotel. First, the shower had lots of mold growing on the ceiling and the tops of the walls. This is not hygienic and frankly disgusting. Next, this hotel is not located in the best area. If you are thinking about walking to this hotel after dark you will want to keep walking quickly and not stop to answer the people that may call out to you from the shadows. The final negative is that this hotel is not centrally located for anything other than china town. If you want to visit other areas and do not want to constantly take a cab than stay somewhere more localized such as one of the hotels in union square. You will pay more, but in this case it really is 1 that you get what you pay for. Overall I did not feel the low hotel rates overshadowed all of the problems that this hotel has. If I had not booked a nonrefundable room through this website I would have changed hotels after the first night. Save yourself from dealing with this hotel and book elsewhere.
Grant Plaza Hotel
465 Grant Ave.
San Francisco, California, 94108
(800) 472-6899


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