You get what you pay for

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 7, 2011

This hotel is much cheaper than other SF hotels in the area, and it shows. The staff was not interested in customer service (the front desk person talked over skype to his daughter the whole time we were trying to check in, and he failed to properly activate the room key so we had to go back down multiple flights of stairs to get it done right). The room was ok, but the comforter looked dirty and the sheet cleanliness was suspect. The biggest problem we had was a mysterious loud thumping noise that continued periodically all night long (and no, it wasn't what you're thinking - it was something mechanical). There was also a bar/restaurant nearby that was noisy until it closed, but that's pretty much expected in SF. They did have a bag check area and kept our bags for the day, but they didn't tag it or take our names or anything - they just put it into a room behind the counter and let people go in and grab their own bags unsupervised (I wasn't sure ours would still be there when we got back!). They offered only minimal breakfast (muffins and some coffee). The location was convenient for us and we knew the area so we felt ok there, but the immediate area is sketchy so if you're coming from out of town I wouldn't recommend staying here unless you're very brave or accustomed to homeless people harassing you (maybe if you're from another big city it won't bother you). Overall, ok for the price but I wouldn't stay there more than a night or two.
Garland Hotel
San Francisco, California, 94102

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