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We started off going into the room at sandals negril in a honeymoon suite with ocean view and the room was stocked with 3 waters and peanuts that you can buy for 9 bucks , knowing this is all inclusive place and you can eat at a buffet all you want but if you eat peanuts in your room your charged for it ??? i don't understand . The room was run down and had a smell to it and me and my fiancee started to get bit by the bugs in the room so bad that the professional pictures that we took we can only show are face because of the bug bites on are legs and arms are showing , we where there for a friends wedding thats also a reason for the pro pictures . ask the house keeper to take care of the bugs in are room she states "this is Jamaica theres bugs everywhere . So that didnt help . Ok here is the big issue we are both non drug users while laying out on the beach in the resort across from our room you will get asked about 5 times by 3 to 4 different people if you want to buy sea shells , weed , hash, brownies this is all in 20 minutes and after you say no they will come back say people and ask you again after the walk up and down the beach . you think you can get away from them if you go in the water Thats a NO a guy with a jet ski named BLUE DRAGON will find you in the water and ask you multiple times if you want to go jet skiing or do you want weed he will drive his jet ski in waist high water to get at you for a sale of his goods as soon as he leaves a older man in a white and blue small fishing boat will try to sell you weed and other drugs . That is everyday on the beach ... Food . do to the heat there and the setup of there food they start by taking out the bread and bagels at 6 am for a 7am breakfast service so the breads are bad in one hour in the heat and when they run out of stuff at breakfast they don't replace anything they run a smoothie bar that if you don't go to it first thing they run out of all the fruit and they never restock it . all the veggies have almost no taste and most are unripened to start . leaving the resort is not recommended we did because we have wedding plans outside the resort 2 times and both times we wish we didn't PLAIN AND SIMPLE JAMAICANS ARE RUDE AND THEY WILL TREAT A GIRL LIKE THEY OWN THEM AND THEY ARE VERY AGGRESSIVE EVEN WHEN YOU TELL THE NO ... the resort gets a taxi to go to a bar and we stay there for a few hours the taxi driver is suppose to stay with you so they take you back to the resort well our taxi driver was MIA and we asked a staff member if they seen him and they went looking for him and found him at the bar drinking he comes swaying back to the taxi with beer in his hand i took a picture of all of this . and he says i always have a good time here and we had a drunk taxi driver bring us back to the resort . to sum this all up . food is about C- pizza was ok everything else was tasteless . The room is a D do to being run down and bugs . the Beach is a B because of the white sands and clean water but you cant enjoy it with all the drug dealers pestering you . The staff D most of them are rude and you say hello and half don't respond to you . DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT THIS PLACE IT IS NOT WORTH IT
Sandals Negril Beach Resort and Spa
Seven-Mile Beach
Negril, Jamaica
(876) 957-5216

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