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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 3, 2011

We checked in late due to my girlfriend's plane arrived late at SFO. First thing you must know... there is no parking on the streets unless you get there at 4:00 am and snag an open space. Parking inside the hotel garage was one of the most expensive I had ever encountered. Still, I was aware of this due to the reviews I read prior to booking. But the hotel on the outside is a first class hotel. And there is nothing cheap in San Francisco so I just acknowledged that fact and used the garage for parking. We were running late and had to get up to our room and dressed for the opera that evening. Immediatelty upon opening the door I knew there was some mistake. I had specifically asked for a king size bed and we were given a room with a queen. Did I say room? I have seen tents and teepes which held more space than what I received. Yes, the place was immaculately cleaned; probably because it had never been used before. The queen size bed filled the entire area making it near impossible to walk around in that room without touching one another. But we were running late and my girlfriend was already in the shower and dressed ready for the opera. The next day, however, I called down and made a complaint regarding the size of our room versus what was offered on this website. They immediately apologized and assured us they would correct everything. We went out touring the city; trolleys, touristy stuff, and of course, shopping. We returned to the hotel, checked in at the front desk, and were given keys to a new room. As we opened the door to the new room, we were both amazed at the size of the room, (yes, a king size bed was in it), and all our things had been brought over and placed away properly. It truly was a beautiful room, and according to staff, THE room we should've received in the 1st place. The remainder of our stay was indeed a very pleansant experience and well worth the return trip to this hotel. One word of advice... if it isn't what you expect... then complain.
The Argonaut, A Kimpton Hotel
495 Jefferson Street
San Francisco, California, 94109
(415) 563-0800

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