This hotel Staff sucks

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on May 6, 2011

I didn't find out about an extra service fee of 15$ a day until we checked in, they told me they just needed to put the card on file and we would pay the fee when we check out which would end up being 120$ in the end, I was assured that the credit card that I used would not be charged. A coupledays passed and after a long day of walking back from the strip our room key wouldn't work, I walked back downstairswaited in a long line they told me it was fixed and I went back up and tried it still didn't work had the cleaning lady call someone up there to fix i, 20 minutes later security came tried it and said they locked u out for some reason it will have to be reset he preceded to call on his walkie talkie to see what was going on and I heard it was liked because the card was declined, I said WTF was my card charged for I was then informed that security would have to escort us downstairs until the issue was resolved. I then waited in another long line got up there and she said it was for the stupid service fee!! She got snippy with me when I said the woman said the card wouldn't be charged and we didn't have to pay until we left. I said WHO THE HECK LOCKS SOMEONE OUT OF THEIR ROOM AND THEIR STUFF she said & quote you should take that up with travelocity. This hotel sucks and has a lot of hidden stuff and the rudist people!
Palace Station Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89102

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