Hidden Treasure

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on March 13, 2011

El Pescador was a great hotel for us. Right in downtown. We walked the Malecon every night & enjoyed fabulous food from restaurants or food stands on the street. Enjoyed marvelous, more -than -continental breakfasts every morning in the open air restaurant. Pigeons flew in sometimes. Didn't bother us or others eating there. It was fun. Service at the restaurant & at the front desk was fabulous. Everyone was great & willing to please all the guests. Although we had a car, we didn't use it much. The hotel DID have a locked garage for the car, for which we felt very grateful. Once all the electrical lines go underground, you won't need to be so cautious walking around. It's probably done now! Only wish we had 1 queen bed in the room instead of 2 full beds. Having the door open through the night hearing that awesome ocean was a true treat. The view was fantastic. Safe & Secure!
El Pescador Hotel
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 48300


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