Relaxing surroundings, with an erotic edge, and without frat party brouhaha.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 3, 2011

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised compared to the reivews we had read here and on other sites. If your expectations are realistic, you will not be disappointed. The facilities are not lavish, but they aren't decaying either. Grounds are extensive and well-kept. Some things could use a coat of paint, but that wasn't our overall impression. We found the staff friendly and helpful, especially by Jamaica standards. The beach is spacious in depth and length and pretty private. Yes, there were overt acts going on (mostly at night at the hot tub), but it was subtle and also primarily monogamous. While we were there, at least, there were not many single males and there were almost no annoyingly boisterous individuals or groups. The distinction between the nude beach and the prude beach is very fluid, with the former being quieter but no less lovely and also no dearth of semi-clothed body parts. Food was pleantiful and of reasonable variety, but certainly not gourmet. Don't go expecting a fine dining experience, but it's not KFC or airline food, either. We found the entertainment more often an intrusion on conversation than a welcome amusement, especially at lunch, but the audience participation activities sometimes were pretty funny and also a way to make a friend or a reputation....The disco would be great if the volume wasn't at least 10 decibels too high for comfort--many people seemed forced out onto the adjoining patio. We enjoyed the free snorkeling and glass-bottom boat tours, although there's not a whole lot to look at. Free kayaks were fun. Internet service worked fine from the room, but it should be free at an all-inclusive resort that charges as much as this one does. All in all, we decided that we liked it enough to come back. We'd stay again on the prude side, as it's a little closer to dining, the beach in front of the room is never crowded, and it's easy to get to the nude side beach and hot tub whenever you want to (5 minute walk or less), and it's ch
Hedonism II
Negril, Jamaica
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