Clean and Quite! Very relaxing!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 8, 2011

This Hotel was a different Experience than the norm. It is located right in the middle of J town or Japan town and has all the comforts of a normal hotel but a Japanese twist to it. We were there for a 2 day weekend and it was one of the better deals to stay in San Fran. It was very clean and the best part was its Very quite Forget about staying at the busy Warf area unless you like all the noise and Tourist stuff. There is a nice selection of Resturants to choose from , lots of sushi bars, Sabo Sabo and Ramien Houses in just walking distance and its conected to the Japanese mall so you never have to go outside if you so choose. Overall We liked it and had a great time and We cant wait to go back.
Cliffs at Princeville Condominiums
3811 Edward Road
Princeville, Hawaii, 96722
(808) 826-6219

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