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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on March 8, 2011

First off, the only reason I gave a "fair" rating for value for money was due to the fact we traveled on New Years Eve. Of course, all hotels jack up their price per night, which ours happened to be above $400! Definitely NOT worth that price, but we had no choice. In fact, I would avoid ALL travel up to Lake Tahoe over the New Year's Eve celebration if you are looking for some even remote chance of a good nights sleep after 2am. During the night, we were abruptly woken up to fireworks being set off in the hallway..actually, directly in front of our door. Not once, but twice. Where in the heck was security? Other guests came and went all during the night, screaming, laughing, and slamming doors. (I'm sorry, even if I was in my 20's and totally drunk, I would have a lot more respect than these people) We also heard people physically fighting out in the street, bottles breaking, and had to walk past riot police after the stroke of midnight to get to our hotel. Hey, it was an awesome sight to see 60,000 people on the main strip, but enough already! Fireworks IN the hotel? NOT cool. (It happened to be our wedding night, so with all the "bliss" we really didn't want to call the front desk or the police..but then again, I'm sure the PD was busy on the streets) Other than those minor details, the hotel was very eco-friendly, had modern designs, and overall a pretty cool place to stay. From my initial research, the hotel is not that expensive during non-holiday nights. I would stay there again, but NOT over the New Year's Eve!
968 Park Hotel
968 Park Ave
Lake Tahoe, California, 96150

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