The hotel is simple comfort

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 11, 2011

You get value for what you pay. A good room with excellent location because it is close to shopping, casinos and ski ares. The hotel has the standard size room of 12ft x 24 ft with a standard size bathroom, all of it well appointed and done with a tasteful ecological theme (they used a lot of recycled materials). The rooms DO NOT have air conditioning units. To us this was not a problem (generally Tahoe is not a warm place) but others might not feel the same. In the lobby you find simplicity but homely comfort: A small personal front desk with an after hours wine bar. The hotel provides a container with high alkalinity water, something that is now been found to clean and purify the body's digestive system. It was a welcomed free benefit. Around the front desk they have a hot tub and sauna adjoining some massage rooms. Important that you obtain a checkout statement because the ONLY concern that we had, was that the hotel double billed us, (through Travelocity and then again at check out) and although I believe that the problem will be corrected it still places an inconvenient hold in my credit card.
968 Park Hotel
968 Park Ave
Lake Tahoe, California, 96150

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