MOTEL 6 would be a better stay

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from on March 27, 2011

Upon our arrival, we were told 1 out of the 3 rooms booked was cancelled, although we still were charged for it. The hotel desk clerk had said that if they didnt get the money from travel agency that we would end up paying for the room again, and would have to get a refund from travel agency What a joke. We were sent up to the rooms, nothing special. We decided to go grab lunch at the restaurant on our floor, but were told to leave since we were Japanese..... Discrimination anyone? The resort fee we were told was MANDATORY, this is a LIE!!! The resort fee included a bottle of water in room every day, otherwise you pay $5 for a $.99 bottle of water. After the 3rd night of no water, and no shampoo or soap i called downstairs and told them to take the resort charge off since i'm paying for something im not getting. The resort charge i was told wouldnt come off. 3 people around our rooms were smoking, you could smell it all the way down the hallway. We complained, they found who it was but the smell was still there for the next 5 days. I asked to be moved, but they couldnt gaurantee us being next to eachother and this was a family vacation. Pool side seating, can be reserved 24 hours a day? You would have to get down to the pool at 5 am to get good seats.There was the pool food police harrassing you if you brought food that wasnt from there place, maybe if they made food that didnt taste like middle school cafeteria food i would have bought it from them. Upon checkout i was charged for high speed internet 2 times even tho i didnt use it.
Sheraton Waikiki
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815

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