Member Rating 1 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on April 9, 2011

Old, dark, musty, NOTHING like the pictues on Travelocity. Small old rattley elevator that is big enough for only 2-3 people takes you up to your room. When you get out of the elevator the hall to your room is DARK! You have to turn on the hall light to see where your room is, makes you feel unsafe. The entire hotel is old dark paneling. I opened the door to a rotten old moldy smell, the room only had about 1 foot of space around the two twin beds pushed together. I went down to complain that this is not the room I paid for. I pulled up the picture on Travelocity ( the one with TWO rooms, a sitting area, cute pink couch etc) the managers response was..."oh yeah, uh none of rooms look like that." I clarified, "none of your rooms have this extra sitting area? or a couch??" Her response was...."nope." She gave me a different room that had a very small desk to sit at in it, in addition to the two twin beds with the one foot of walk space around it. The refridgerator that is stocked with snaks and drinks that you will get charged for if the y are eaten, stunk so bad I almost threw up. The AC and lights in the room only work when you put your room key in a slot. Had read about this before I went there so I requested two room keys, and just left one in the slot while we were out of the room. Theis way worked, but the AC is pathetic, I could blow more wind on myself, than this AC unit did. Internet didn't work half the time we were there and only works in the lobby.The blow dryer that came in the room must've been made by the same company as the AC! The location was pretty good half block to nearest subway. Asked the manager why they would post pictures of rooms that aren't even located in their hotel? She just shrugged and acted embarrassed. There were no screens on the windows, that due to the smell and lack of circulation of air you had to open. My 12 year old son woke up covered in mosquito bites. Breakfast is not included with room , but is availablefor 15 Euro a piece
Villa Luxembourg
Paris, France
33 1 43354635


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