Oh, it was Heaven!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on February 15, 2011

Our stay in Puerto Rico was much enhanced by Acacia Inn as we had a bedroom right in front of their huge spa from which we could sit, luxuriate, ease our tired muscles, and view the magnificent ocean. We liked being in a real neighborhood, Condado, where we discovered many delights--including one of the best bakeries on earth. The people at the hotel were nice, even though the head staff operated just up the street at Wind Chimes. When we arrived, my husband was dismayed by the long hike up stone steps to the third floor. Immediately we complained (he's had recent knee surgery) and the staff placed us in a much more comfortable room on the first floor. In fact, the man who got us a better room, even helped us move our suitcases down. The hotel itself is a bit rustic, despite its big-screen plasma TV. We had to leave the water on a long time for it to be warm enough for a comfy shower. My only huge complaint is that the rule for 9 AM to 9 PM activity in the spa is not controlled, as there were a couple of parties that went on in front of our room, one until after 1 AM. It's fine if people want to drink and sit quietly in the spa--but they got liquored up and were noisy. My husband didn't awaken--he slept with earplugs--but I lost a lot of sleep, alas, because I'm older. We were there, celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary! I would have complained, but our phone was out of order, and in the five nights we spent there, it was never fixed. So it was not a perfect place, but when we sat on our balcony or bathed in the spa, or had such a short walk to the gorgeous blue ocean, we forgot the imperfections. Because we faced the ocean, we benefitted from the almost constant breeze. The palm trees in front of us waved and kept us cool, at night the coqui tree frogs sent out their greetings (loved that!), the beds had good mattresses, everything was all right with our world. We are from rainy Portland, Oregon, so the high 70's and mid-80's acted as a balm to our complaints o
Acacia Seaside Inn Boutique
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00911


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