You don't get what you pay for

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 7, 2011

Overall, this hotel might meet the needs of a spring-break fraternity group, but falls far short of being a world-class resort. It bills itself as a "boutique hotel" but it's really just tacky, tired, and out-dated. If we had not made the mistake of paying for our entire stay in advance, we would have found other accommodations after the first night. There are a few good points about this hotel, but very few. The location is great - nearly perfect. A gorgeous beach is right outside the front door. The beach staff is friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of things wrong with this hotel. Starting with the room. It is TINY, and contains a single chair for sitting/relaxing/TV-watching. There is a small closet, but no dresser - just a set of three very small drawers that weren't even large enough to hold our underware. There's no desk, just a small clear glass platform attached to the back of the bed headboard. The platform is barely large enough for a laptop, and there are no nearby available electrical outlets. If you want to use a real optical mouse, you need to have a mouse-pad. Primary room lighting is purple (some other reviews have called it blue, but it is much closer to purple). It is nearly painful to endure for more than a few minutes. (And the lighting theme carries out throughout the rest of the hotel common areas, even in the elevators!) Room floors are tile only, with no way to sweep or remove sand - which you end up taking with you to bed. The bathroom is poorly lit. The single bulb at the wash basin is hardly enough to shave by. The water pressure is very low - it is barely strong enough to wash beach sand from your body - but it isn't enough to wash that sand down the shower drain! And there isn't even a door or curtain on the shower, so you end up splashing water all over the bathroom floor. Hotel is not very security conscious. They provided a small U-lock safe in the room - nice touch. Except for the fact that the safe wasn't at
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