Overall disappointing

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by a traveler from Travelocity.com on May 5, 2011

Would we return? No. Would we recommend the hotel to a friend? No. Negatives: When checking out, a surprise charge of $12 for in-room internet connection. Tacky. USA Today as the morning paper. Tacky. Given the rates, the hotel could have provided the NY Times, or even the LA Times, or even the local San Diego paper. No coffee maker in room. Bathroom: No tub, only a shower. We expected a tub, based on the information on the web. Upon arrival, I called the desk and was told that very few rooms have tubs and most of those are handicapped accessible rooms. I was also told by the young man who took my call that the hotel was full and that there was no room with a tub available. My wife and I were there for four nights, April 8 through 11, and the place did not appear to be full or even half full. The shower did not even have a hand held Euro-wand, an easy accommodation to feminine hygiene. As for the sink, it is some designer’s idea of a nice touch, but only a giant can easily access the bowl which is placed atop a high table and requires that short people lift the elbows to get the hands beneath the faucet, or to rest their forearms on the top edge of the bowl. Very annoying. Our room, Number 330, was on the east side of the hotel and had an unobstructed view of the Plaza Hotel, a transient residential hotel which, had it been in Los Angeles, looked liked something the poet and writer Charles Bukowski would have lived in. Adjacent to the Plaza was a rock and roll youth bar whose patrons often spilled out onto the street late at night to engage in yelling and sidewalk partying. The hotel restaurant is empty most of the time because the prices are exorbitant and there are plenty of reasonably priced restaurants nearby. Apparently, management has not yet figured this out. Positives: Room service was efficient and thorough. Parking staff were courteous, attentive and accommodating to my son who was often picking us up and dropping us off during our stay. And the lobby is g
LC US Grant Hotel
San Diego, California, 92101


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