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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on April 13, 2011

For travelers who want to be right in the middle of the busiest part of Whistler and want to be as close as possible to both Whistler and Blackcomb lifts, this hotel can't be beaten. It's not the best hotel in town, but it's certainly decent. The rooms are getting a little dated and worn, and it's the oldest hotel in this part of town. It's also cheaper than many of the other hotels, too. The standard rooms are very small, so if you're traveling with kids you might want to upgrade to the next size up. Desk staff were excellent and personable, and the on-site bar and lounge are great. The Old Spaghetti Factory is downstairs, but I don't think they are affiliated with the hotel other than sharing a building. The food there is bland and basic, but less expensive than just about every other restaurant in town. Dozens of restaurants are within steps of the hotel on the Village Stroll. The beds are outstanding, so you'll get a great night's sleep. If you're on the Stroll side of the building, you might experience a lot of noise from people passing by. Whistler attracts a lot of younger people who for some reason find it necessary to scream and act immature while prowling the stroll, but it was quiet enough with the window closed that it never woke us up. The front desk will give you ear plugs if you ask, and explain the noise in their literature as a small price to pay to be in the heart of town where everything is happening. We agree! The hotel internet is good but expensive. There is a town-wide internet company that might be a better deal because it covers more than just the hotel and is cheaper, but I rarely got service in many parts of the town, and it was spotty at best. Overall, great location, good hotel, and wonderful vacation!
Crystal Lodge
Whistler, British Columbia, V0N1B4

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