Great location to Plaza and Railyard District!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 7, 2011

Santa Fe is so quaint and The Eldorado was a nice hotel with a very friendly staff. I'd get up in the morning and get free coffee set up in the Old House restaurant in the hotel. You do need to donate *, but I was getting multiple coffees each day so it was a good deal. The spa was a nice experience with the staff again that were very attentive. The room was nice in an average way, beds were definitely soft and comfortable and they had sheet cover duvets instead of the thick covers which God knows in other hotels probably don't get washed that often. They also had fresh fruit and cucumber/orange filtered water in the lobby to refresh yourself. The work-out room was adequate and was on the fourth floor with a nice view of the sunrise over the mountains. Pool was small on the top floor, but still a good area to see the city. Overall, the hotel was a good experience. Is it luxurious? Somewhat, but there needs some updates in the details to make it truly luxurious.
Eldorado Hotel Santa Fe
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501

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