Good location, but hotel is essentially a hostel

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by a traveler from on February 8, 2011

We had a Travelocity credit and booked a room with a double bed (with a city view) using that credit (essentially pre-paying). This was a big mistake! We arrived at 7 pm and were told that since we were arriving after 6 pm, our room was no longer guaranteed. We were given instead a single room with a single bed! Normally if a hotel doesn't have your reserved room, you'd be automatically upgraded - but not at this hotel! Even though there were 2 of us, we had to make do with a single bed for 2 nights - they refused to upgrade us at this hotel or the adjacent tower which they also owned without charging us a ton of money. And since the room was prepaid, we couldn't get a refund and move to another hotel. On top of that, our "city view" room entailed a small window with a huge tank in front of it (absolutely no city view). What a joke. Last - when we checked out and needed to head to the airport, the conceirge got us a taxi and negotiated a rate that was double. Luckily we had been in Bangkok before and knew what the real taxi cost was. This hotel is huge and has a huge presence in the Pratanum Square area-- but it is essentially run like a hostel for asian tourists, and is by no means a true hotel. Between messing up our reservation and poor hotel service (and dirty room which I didn't get into) I would not recommend this place! The location though was excellent to the area's shopping but you can definitely get cheaper and better quality hotels in other better neighborhoods. One last note -- this was our second time booking international travel through Travelocity. The first time we had a huge snafu in Mexico (which is why we were given a credit, which we used for this booking). After this second disappointment, I do not recommend Travelocity for international travel. Its probably best to book directly with a hotel (which is what we normally do).
Baiyoke Boutique Hotel
120/359 Rajprarop Rd
Bangkok, Thailand, 10400

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